Michael Goller
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Michael Goller paints and writes, writes and paints. Sometimes, he does it separately, often, however, he does it in one another. He may be the most restless and forward pushing member of those four Querschlag artists, whose self-doubts lie close together with his lofty thoughts. His paintings are ornamental, expressive and narrative at the same time. They mix cartoon elements with the abstract magic of colours and want to unsettle the observer by the directness of the contents and still remain art. A dreamer who is aware of reality, though, associatively paraphrasing and who wants to outline his cosmos by the means of poetry. Thus, the titles of his paintings, such as the enslavement of the creator by redemption of mind and matter, what appears like mazed confusion. Again and again, words und phrases are written in the paintings that are often hard to make out, so that they resemble hieroglyphs. Bizarre murmur of time in which perspectives are turning, rooms get locked by colour layers, figures and animals get stuck somewhere in the picture layers, foot kicks spread and hands vanish. Sometimes, there appear standardised rectangles that suddenly bring sobering reality into the creative chaos - with a different code of communication. However, Michael Goller remains linked to Earth, as he does it with the mouth full of chocolate cream or during the conversation with the tea bag. There is always irony and deeper meaning as well as poetry rather than the world hidden behind. Surely, his paintings turn into an antipole of the coldly sentimental product aesthetics by means of their sensory substance.

Dr. Ina Gille, art historian, 2005